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Аудиофайл выпуска от 24 октября 2010 года – покупка DVD в кредит

26.10.2010 | Автор: Ashanina

Задание на эту неделю – найти отличия между моим вариантом диалога и тем, который начитан носителем языка.

Вот текст диалога в оригинале:

Man: I like this record player very much. How much does it cost, please?

Shop assistant: It’s the most expensive model in the shop. It costs 54 pounds.

Woman: It’s too expensive for us. We can’t afford all that money.

Shop assistant: This model is less expensive than that one. It’s only 28 pounds. But of course it’s not as good as the expensive one.

Man: I don’t like this model. The other model’s more expensive but it’s worth the money. Can we buy it on installments?

Shop assistant: Of course. You can pay a deposit of 1o pounds and then one pound a week for sixty weeks.

Man: Do you like it, dear?

Woman: I certainly do, but I don’t like the price. You always want the best but we can’t afford it. Sometimes you think you are millionaire.

Man: Millionaires don’t buy things on installments.


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