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  • Best Friends Girl

    I have known Rick since we were seven years old. We are completely different people but we have stayed best friends. Rick is smart and ambitious. He is handsome and good with the ladies. I have always envied his charm. He seems to attract women without even trying. I am more of a quiet person. I enjoy being alone with a book or a movie. I have accepted the fact that I will never be cool or part of the “in crowd.” Still, Rick and I have always been tight. There is a bond between us that I don’t understand but I know exists.

    Over the years, Rick’s taste in women has been awful. With the wide variety that he had to pick from, I never understood why he chose the ones he did. He always picked the air heads and the bimbos. Fake boobs, too much make-up, and really big hair. That was Rick’s type. I don’t know, maybe with his ambition he just wanted something that looked good and wasn’t a threat to him.

    A few years ago, Rick called and said that he had met someone new and wanted the three of us to go out for dinner. We agreed to meet at our favorite Italian restaurant at 8:00 that night. While I was waiting for them to arrive (Rick is always late) I tried to imagine what this new girlfriend would be like. I thought she would be like the rest – tall, blonde, big boobs, long legs, and no personality. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Rick walked in with a petite, dark-haired, dark-eyed, Asian woman. He introduced her simply as Amy. I was dumbstruck. Amy was beautiful. She couldn’t have been any taller than 5’3”. She had shoulder length black hair with a few brown highlights. Her eyes were big and brown. She had a tiny little body with full, natural breasts. I could not believe how beautiful she was. She didn’t wear any make-up. Her skin was smooth and flawless. I must have starring but I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

    As we ate, I was repeatedly shocked by what I learned about her. She was a second grade school teacher. She lived at home with her mother. She read and wrote poetry in her spare time. She even went to church every Sunday with her mother. She seemed shy and innocent. This was the kind of girl that you just instinctively try to protect. Amy was not Rick’s type of girl. This was my type of girl.

    It’s difficult to say when I first realized that I was in love with Amy. I just looked up one day and knew. Of course, it was wrong. Rick was my best friend and he loved her. It went against everything I thought was right. There was no possible way for Amy and me to be together but it was all I could think about. I thought about her laugh. I thought about her smile. And yes, I thought about her soft lips and her perfect body. I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

    Slowly, Amy and I had grown close. One of our favorite pastimes was for the three of us to go to the local sports bar. Amy and I would talk about books or current events while Rick would catch the highlight reel on the TV. I loved those talks with Amy. She was so smart and funny. I would sit across the table and wonder why someone who was so perfect for me could be so unattainable.

    It hurt Amy to think of me being alone. She tried to set me up a few times with her friends but I always turned her down. “I’m still hurting,” I would say. Amy thought I was talking about my last disastrous relationship but really I was referring to her. I felt like I could never love anyone else. For me, there was only Amy.

    My birthday is in the middle of June. I hate to work on my birthday so I always take a weeks vacation. Of course, Rick and all my other friends had to work so we agreed to have my birthday party on Saturday.

    On Thursday, I slept in. I had no plans and no obligations. I took a long hot shower and looked forward to a quiet day alone. I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. I really just wanted something to distract me from my thoughts of Amy. Lately I had begun to fantasize about her almost constantly. I wanted her so much that it hurt.
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  • Japanese Hot Spring Tour

    Our Hot Spring Tour of Japan has one more stop before we head home to the United States. So far it has been a wild experience for me, my Japanese wife Takako, and our two traveling buddies, John and Cathy. Fulfilling my long time fantasy, Takako had begun fucking other men. First, she sucked off John, and then thoroughly humped him in an open air Hot Spring Bath, while I watched. At the next stop on our tour, she not only screwed John again, but also took on four Japanese men who she encountered in an Onsen Bath, while John and I were playing golf. By the way, I had the opportunity to pump Cathy and later she joined my wife in that orgy with the four Japanese fellows that I just mentioned.

    We are now in a fabulous Hot Spring Resort near the city of Misawa; which also happens to be where a large U.S. Jet Fighter Air Base is located. We didn’t know that fact when we first arrived; but upon visiting a local nightclub near the resort, we noticed a large number of Americans enjoying the company of the local ladies. Asking around, I discover that the town was host to Misawa Air Base. It didn’t take long for two of the very assertive jet jockeys to make their way to our table and ask Takako and Cathy for a dance. With our permission, the girls happily accept the opportunity to boogie with two young, good looking hunks.

    As the booze, flows and the music slows, Takako and Cathy have their round, firm bottoms caressed and perky, full breasts massaged with subtle mastery, while on the dance floor. Needless to say, they are both helplessly horny when we finally returned to our hotel at 2 a.m. Instead of going to our separate rooms, we crashed in our room. Soon we were naked and seriously engaged in group sex. Cathy rides my stiff cock with drunken ecstasy, while Takako licks my balls and Cathy’s moist rosebud. Behind her, John is shoving his rock-hard shaft into her tiny twat. In our state of extreme inebriation, we are not aware that our loud moans and passionate screams fill the hallways and occupied rooms surrounding us.

    Cathy must have experienced three or more orgasms during her vigorous ride on my rod. She is very verbal when going through the throes of a climax. When I finally fire gobs of sperm into her soaking cunt, Takako licks and sucks all the excess that seeps from her pussy. The feeling of shooting your load into a squeezing vagina; while a hot, wet tongue sucks your balls and licks your penis is indescribable. Meanwhile, my wife was being rammed by John’s respectable rod, which drove her through several waves of orgasmic bliss. John empties every last drop of his semen into her throbbing hole. When Takako, John and I wake up, at around 10 that morning, none of us feeel like getting out of bed; so, John and I perform double penetration on Takako, as Cathy sleeps next to us.
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  • Asian Teacher Needs It There

    I hate college, I hate everything to do with it, but I decided that what I wanted to be in life and all the opportunities I needed in life would come from going to college. It became very clear to me early on in life that I was the thinking type, so sports and military was out of the question. I was very lazy so that was even worst, but the only thing that made me want to go out and do things (other than pussy) was computers. I worship computers, more importantly the programs that run them, so that is what I decided to do. And don’t get me wrong, I was going to a great tech school. It was credited and all, and all of my teachers where great, except one.

    Her name was Niko Mishishima. As you can tell by the name she was Asian, and she was my main teacher. She was the teacher that taught all the 0s and 1s of the computer programming world. And she was a total ass. Don’t get me wrong, she was a work of beauty. She was skinny, almost to the point of anorexia, but had a c cup. They were nice to look at, and she didn’t hesitate to show either. She had a small ass, which really made her look like she could fall forward at any moment, but what made her special, was my fetish for Asian women. Oh yeah I love them to death. She, though, could drive that fantasy dead. She always got on my ass about being lazy. She called me the future pizza delivery boy. Ah man could she get under my skin. And she always expects me to volunteer for shit. Who wants to answer the question, ha it was me, even if I didn’t raise my hand or if I was looking at the wall, I would still get called on. And every paper I turned in I expected a B. It could be perfect, it could have been written by god, it would still get a B, and to make things worst, I was still a virgin, don’t laugh, so I was always full of frustration.

    One day in class I got really beside myself, and when she asked me a question I decided to be a smart ass and told her to figure it out on her own. This did not go unnoticed by her, and she quickly reprimanded me. She actually stopped class, told everyone to take out a book and study. Then she called me into her office. While she was ripping me a new one with English and Asian words, her phone rang. She was so pissed off, that she just let the answering machine get it. It was kind of old, so it played so you could here the massage.

    It was her boyfriend, I never met the guy, and he told her over the phone that he just wasn’t happy with her, and that he had been sleeping with 2 other women for the past 3 months. Oh man I couldn’t help but feel good inside. This bitch was getting her just desserts, and I loved it. She yelled at the answering machine with words that were foreign, and just sounded like they weren’t pleasant, then she remembered me in the room. The look of embarrassment was all over her face. She couldn’t hide it and with that I walked out the office as if I was king of the world. The following week she didn’t bother me at all, as a matter of fact life was going good. She stopped dressing sexy though, she started wearing full dresses, and pants that didn’t show shape at all, and I guess she just gave up on herself.
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  • Keiko Has An Adventure

    Hello, my name is Keiko, I am from Tokyo and have only been in the USA since last August. I will soon be 19 years of age, I have long black hair and am approximately 5 feet tall. I am enjoying living in Honolulu very much.

    I have found American men to be very nice and polite …. unlike Japanese men in Japan who are very rude. Yes, I enjoy to have American men to look at me. I have discovered it to be much excitement for me. When I first arrived in Hawaii I live in an apartment in Waikiki across from the beach. I see many other Japanese girls in daring bikinis and revealing clothing. I became very jealous of this. I had wanted to wear similar bikini and to have men to look at me also. But, I had never worn anything as daring before in Hawaii or Japan.

    I soon found my present apartment and planned to move in. During my last week in Waikiki I decide to look for a sexy bikini to wear on the beach. I visit many bikini shops in Waikiki and I wanted a very daring style that would cause many men to look at me and make me feel sexy. I was not able to find to my taste. Then one day I was in the negligee department of a boutique and saw a beautiful white lace bra and panties set. It was very sexy and very much resembled a bikini with ties on both sides. It was very sheer negligee type and meant to be worn under clothing.
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  • Karate Gets Kinky

    “Hai!” Hiroshi shouted, turning neatly in the air and kicking Daniel in the face with her small, bare foot. Daniel collapsed onto the mat, clutching his nose.

    “Oh, sorry!” Hiroshi said, dropping to her knees beside Daniel. Her long black braid tickled against his neck as she pushed his hands aside and examined his nose. “You’re fine, you big baby.”

    “It hurts!” Daniel complained, grinning at Hiroshi. He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and pulled her on top of him. They wrestled on the thick blue mat until Daniel pinned Hiroshi under him. His cock was stiff, pressing against Hiroshi’s thigh through the fabric of his loose white pants.

    Hiroshi giggled and then smiled, pressing her legs up against Daniel’s hard cock. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as his prick jerked at the pressure. He was holding Hiroshi’s hands above her head, but she wriggled out easily and slid her cool fingers under his loosely belted jacket.
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  • Hot Tub Party

    [ Story by Whodlru () ]

    (I’ll probably get around to adding other stories, on how we got into the lifestyle, and some of our other adventures later… We are a real couple, and I’ve changed the names to protect the participants…)

    We were just about all set to go out for the night to a local swing club, when Yuki saw a friend of ours on her messenger list. Seems they were having a quiet little party at their house, and we were more than welcome.

    It didn’t take long for us to agree that we’d probably have just as much, if not more, fun at their party than if we went to the club. Tom & Tammy have been friends of ours for almost 3 years, and their pool & hot tub parties are some of our best memories as far as swing parties go.

    After taking the kids to a sitter who didn’t mind watching them overnight, we went out to dinner, then drove the 45 minutes out to Tom & Tammy’s house. When we arrived, Tim and Julie, another couple who we knew pretty well had already arrived, and they were all out on the back deck.

    We went straight out to the back, which has a nice 10 ft. privacy fence all around the deck, pool, and hot tub. Yuki, as always, was nude and in the hot tub within 10 minutes of arriving. Japanese people don’t have much of a nudity taboo, and Yuki is also one of the wildest women I’ve ever met.

    We were all in and out of the hot tub pretty regularly for the first hour or so until Tom invited Julie inside to check out the love swing in their bedroom. The rest of us sat outside enjoying one of the last warm days of the summer, while we listened to Julie express her appreciation of Tom’s “craftsmanship”. Julie is an extremely vocal lady, and she was in fine form tonight… If they hadn’t been inside, I’m sure we could have heard her a block away at least.
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  • Asian Trucker Groupie

    My name is Tiana, a shortened version of my original Korean name. Until I was 16 years old, I was brought up in a very strict home, protected (smothered) by my parents, four brothers, and both sets of grandparents. When I was given the opportunity to become an exchange student in the United States, I filled out all the paperwork secretly and forged the necessary signatures.

    I quickly immersed myself in the minute details of Americana, learning the language flawlessly. I per- fected it and blended into the culture, leaving my repressive family behind me forever. I became the mistress of a man in a high government position and fucked him often, catering to his Asian fantasies and adding a few variations of my own. An- cestors of mine, whom I somehow felt a special kin to, had left behind some very erotic, explicit diaries, which I smuggled into the USA, and I used their audacious advice to further my own ends.

    My high placed friend, once his balls were drained and I untied him, was grateful enough to make sure I was transformed, without going through channels, into a legal American citizen.
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  • Backyard Spa Experience

    My wife and I moved into a new house with a pool, and it wasn’t long before we decided that we needed a spa to go with it. We opted for one of the aboveground types with a redwood gazebo around it. Gina and I loved the new spa; I planted jasmine vines around it, hoping that soon, they would grow and take over the redwood latticework, adding a fresh sweet smell, and adding further privacy.

    We decided that there was never any reason to wear clothes in the spa, since our back yard was bricked in, and no one could see us any way. We had not known until then that the only way to really enjoy a heated spa was in the nude. I planted long stands of bamboo around it, giving it a very oriental look, along with some birds of paradise and a few other tropical-looking plants. It looked very Oriental, somehow, and one would almost expect to hear twanging Oriental music in the background.
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